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February 19  |  connect in the city  |   Andrew Maxwell

meeting planners best resourceA meeting planner wears many hats. Depending on which part of their job tasks they are working on, meeting planners can be busy; negotiating, reviewing contracts, implementing a marketing plan to attract attendees, or just plain old being busy executing a program. As you can tell from that short job description, it does takes a certain kind of person to plan an event.

Anyone that’s involved in the supplier side of the meetings and events industry knows, firsthand, how hard it is to get in front of meeting planners. It’s really not that meeting planners are avoiding suppliers, trust me, they’re not. It really boils down to there are just not enough hours in the day sometimes.

Helping Meeting Planners Plan a Conference

If you have been to our website,, before then you know that it’s our priority to showcase conference facilities and suppliers to meeting and event planners. Over the last year we’ve been busy revamping our directory with the goal of simplifying the process. In other words we are trying to make it as easy as possible to put the right event suppliers in touch with the right meeting planners.

Some of the Changes That We’ve Made to Meeting Planners Best Resource

meeting planners best resource refine searchURL simplification – up until now each city that we listed in our directory was a separate URL. We’ve recently moved all of our supplier listings onto one URL (or as we refer to it, city), By changing from many URLs to one, we are able to better optimize our supplier listings. And the beauty of all of this is that it’s always free for meeting planners. Conference facilities and event suppliers are also able to have a free listing.

Fine tuning our focus – in the past our business model was based on a publishing business model. In other words, we achieved our revenue through advertising. While we still offer paid advertising, our focus has shifted. Our ultimate goal is to provide traffic. And of course the more traffic we generate the better it is for those that list on our site. In addition, we are also becoming active in green meetings, industry news and industry education. We love to hear from event planning students.

So if you haven’t visited our directory in a while we invite you to take a look at our revamped directory. For meeting planners our goal is simple: to provide the best resource of conference facilities and suppliers. For more on how works for planners, click here. For our industry vendors, our goal is to provide you with the ever coveted leads from meeting planners. Click here for more information on how our directory will benefit conference facilities and suppliers.


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