Minnesota Government Shutdown Affects Conferences

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July 6  |  meeting and event industry news  |   Andrew Maxwell

No one knows for sure the impact that the government shutdown in Minnesota will have on conferences in that state. But judging by the way the press is talking about it, it seems the general feeling is that the state will suffer.  Several conference meeting facility owners fear that if the shutdown does last a while, the state’s economy will suffer.

One person, it appears, seems to think that the government shutdown is a good thing.  Former governor and Republican presidential candidate, Tim Pawlenty, thinks that the longer the shutdown last, the more likely that government spending on whole will be slashed.  Pretty safe to say that Mr. Pawlenty prefers that Minnesota addresses its current $5 billion deficit with tax cuts verses raising revenues.

Minnesota Public Radio (MPR) has put together a great article that lists the costs associated with the shutdown. Of course the actual costs will depend on exactly how long the shutdown lasts. Estimates are that the shutdown could cost around $12 million per week in lost tourism dollars alone.  And that’s from only one of the many affected industries in the state.

Conferences and meetings are usually planned well in advance. So for most, unless the facility itself is shut down, the conference meeting will likely proceed as planned. Smaller meetings, on the other hand, are more last minute in planning. These conferences are the ones that would likely cancel.

As a northern state, Minnesota should be enjoying the summer tourism season. For many small business owners, this is the time that their business is strong. If you’re a planner thinking about taking a group to Minnesota, now may be a good time to see what deals are available. Check out WTTC – Minneapolis / Saint Paul – where you can search for and contact vendors directly. You just never know what awaits you.



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