Meetings and Events Updates for Areas Affected by Hurricane Irene

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August 29  |  meeting and event industry news, wttc our cities  |   Andrew Maxwell

For meetings and events occurring on the eastern seaboard the worst seems to be over for most parts affected by hurricane Irene. Right now the system is a tropical depression situated over Québec and moving northeast. As we have seen from the news footage most of the damage seems to have occurred from the large amounts of rainfall as a result of the hurricane. New York City, for the first time, issued a mandatory evacuation order in the lead up to the storm. As always there are those voices saying that the news agencies overreacted. However most of our readers would agree that it’s better to err on the side of caution – especially with hurricanes. Does the word Katrina need anything?

For those of you that have meetings or conventions scheduled on the East Coast then I’m sure you’re busy just trying to get to those meetings (if there even occurring at all). All three major airports around New York City were closed but are now slowly getting back to normal. Boston, Philadelphia and Washington DC, like New York City, are all slowly working through their backlog of flights.

Where to Find Updates If You Are Meeting’s Been Affected by Hurricane Irene

Here at we’ve been keeping our eye on the situation as it’s been unfolding in the areas represented on our website (Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC). For up-to-date information you can refer to Huffington Post’s hurricane Irene page. Each cities convention and visitors Bureau (CVB) websites are great ways to find up-to-date information. If you have a meeting or need to travel to Boston you can check out their updates here. New York City’s official visitor site did an excellent job at keeping their information up to date throughout the storm. A look at Philadelphia’s site indicates that business is pretty much normal there. Washington DC’s site is still providing weather related updates and cancellations. Pretty good considering that DC was still recovering from the earthquake a few days earlier. Our hats go off to the tourism officials as they have done an outstanding job throughout this trying week.

So don’t despair as life is slowly getting back to normal on the East Coast. Many people are still without power (CMP is reporting that 275,000 customers had lost power on Sunday) as work crews are working around-the-clock to get customer’s power back. It seems the tricky part remaining is to get air traffic moving at a normal pace. So if you’re one of those persons stuck in an airport waiting for a flight to get to your destination hold tight as with each passing hour more and more flights are heading to affected areas.

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Hot Dates/Hot Deals – Boston – Week of July 20th

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July 21  |  Uncategorized  |   Andrew Maxwell

Hot Dates/Hot Deals, Fairmont Battery Wharf, BostonFairmont Battery Wharf, Boston

Receive a 10% credit to your Master account for your next meeting. Go to the Fairmont Battery Wharf’s WTTC listing for details, contact info, or to e-mail the hotel directly.

Hot Dates/Hot Deals - Fairmont Copley Plaza, BostonFairmont Copley Plaza, Boston

Receive a 10% credit to your Master account for your next meeting. Go to the Fairmont Copley Plaza’s WTTC listing for details, contact info, or to e-mail the hotel directly.

Hot Dates/Hot Deals, ICS, 1-800-Book-A-LimoICS Boston, 1-800-Book-A-Limo

Get 10% off your next next limo booking with ICS, 1-800-Book-A-Limo. Mention promo code: “WTTC09” when you book your next ride by phone or online using the ICS reservation system. Go to ICS’s WTTC listing for a link to the ISC reservation system.



10 Reasons To Use A CVB from BostonUSA

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February 18  |  meeting and event planning resources  |   Andrew Maxwell

Boston Duck Tours

Lisa Deveney, Director of Convention Services at the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau provides 10 reasons why event and meeting planners should use a CVB.

  1. When It’s Right…It’s Right. Think of your local CVB as your meeting matchmaker! We help find the right fit between your meeting and a venue in the city you are considering. Do you need a hotel? Are you considering a conference center? Could an auditorium work for your group?  We will start out broad and narrow down the choices to those properties that best suite your needs.
  2. Let Us Do The Legwork. Don’t feel overwhelmed thinking of all the potential venues you have to contact with your RFP.  Your CVB will contact the venues on your behalf and ask them to send their proposals directly to you.  Or, we can gather up the proposals and send them to you all at once, creating an easy to read summary of all the offers available. Our goal is to make the process as easy for the planner as possible.
  3. We Want You To Look Good. We help you generate responses so you get the best options and thorough proposals – all before your deadline. We will take care of the follow up and make sure you have every option available.  Allow us to use the relationships we have developed in the city to your advantage.
  4. We Know Our Stuff. Consider the CVB staff your city experts. What’s new, who’s renovated, what are the advantages of each neighborhood, suburb, or resort…We’ll give you all in inside information.
  5. Leave The Planning To Us. No more trying to figure the ins and outs of a new city during a site inspection. CVB staff will help you from start to finish, making sure we maximize your time.  By creating a personalized itinerary, we make sure your appointments are geographically located and fit your meeting parameters.
  6. We Just Keep On Giving. You’re not forgotten once you book your meeting.  By using a CVB for your search, you are at the top of the list to get attention from the Convention Services Department.  They do not wait for you to contact them, they will contact you to offer assistance.
  7. No Question Is Too Big. Or, Too Small. Need a destination management company, a venue for a reception, a transportation company or a sightseeing tour?  The CVB can help!  It’s not just about the location, we also help with all the services you need to enhance yours and your attendee’s experience while you are here.
  8. Stress Free Is The Way To Be. Should challenges arise, CVB staff know just who to call to get your issue resolved.  We challenge ourselves to find an answer to your question in two phone calls.  How will the local parade affect the timeliness of my meeting? Patriot’s Day….that’s a holiday? How frequent does the public transportation run during rush hours?  These are the types of questions your local CVB and handle with ease.
  9. Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free? Most CVB’s will offer planning and selection services are free of charge!  Plus, once you’ve booked, we can further assist you with exclusive free promotional materials, such as photos, maps, DVDs, B-Roll and guidebooks, all the materials you need to promote your meeting and the destination.
  10. Great Minds Think Alike. We’re friendly, efficient, and helpful.  Just like you.

Consider Boston for your next event, meeting or convention. Contact Lisa at 617-867-8216 or e-mail for more information.

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WTTC Destination: Boston

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October 13  |  wttc our cities  |   Andrew Maxwell

This month, The Meeting Planner’s Best Resource profiles Boston, one of more than a dozen key convention cities in North America served by Over the next four weeks, we’ll be profiling some of the businesses and people that make this city the number-one destination in the United States for international association meetings (as reported by the International Congress and Convention Association).

To get a real feel for the city, you might want to surf over to Bostonist where editors Rick Sawyer and Kerry having been posting breatking news, arts and events reviews, restaurant and bar features, musings and observations since 2005.