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Lodging Interactive Launches Chatter Guard for Restaurant Industry

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August 9  |  meeting and event industry news, small business resources  |   Andrew Maxwell

Chatter Guard for Restaurants includes ongoing monitoring of major restaurant review sites as well as blogs, bulletin boards and social media sites. Chatter Guard for Restaurants monitors the following sites, as well as many others:

  • Open Table
  • Urban Spoon
  • Yelp!
  • TripAdvisor
  • Fodor’s
  • Frommers

Chatter Guard utilizes proprietary technologies and scours the web to find restaurant related user generated content and reviews. It then processes and filters all reviews via a human review process and provides service level attribute scoring only a human can provide. Attribute scoring consists of Food, Service, Atmosphere, Noise Level and Value.

While our competitors provide automated reporting and review sentiment scoring, Chatter Guard is still the only service which breaks down each sentence of a review and has a comprehensive human review and service attribute scoring process,” added Mr. Vallauri. “It is this precise information that restaurants can use to improve their own service levels.

For more information please visit and, or email

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Are You Guilty Of Binge Marketing?

April 6  |  small business resources  |   Andrew Maxwell


Many companies — and especially those who are in cyclical businesses such as most of us in the meetings and event industry are — are prone to “binge marketing”, an unhealthy practice that can hurt sales.

According to Promo Direct, companies practicing this on again, off again approach to marketing are only hurting themselves. To avoid quiet spells and ensure regular sales, every business needs to plan in advance.

Instead of focusing all your marketing activities in busy periods like the holiday season, Promo Direct advises taking a more balanced approach by engaging in simple daily, weekly and monthly marketing activities throughout the year:


  • Send one email to or call at least one new contact.
  • Add at least one prospect’s name to your list of potential clients.
  • Add one more personal detail about a current client to your client database.


  • Send surveys to current clients. Incorporate their suggestions into your practices.
  • Research your competitors’ activities.


  • Contact the customers who truly support your business
  • Review the effectiveness of your contact points.


Marketing & Sales: Are You Using LinkedIn Groups Optimally?

April 13  |  small business resources  |   Andrew Maxwell

LinkedIn Logo | WTTC Blog

Joining the right groups on social networks is as powerful as joining the right clubs and associations in your outside life.

Use search tools to find LinkedIn groups that would be joined by your potential prospects.  Then enable the automated e-mail update function so you know what discussions have been initiated, and when new members have joined.

Become a visible participant in the groups that seem most active and targeted for your objectives.

Once you have established a presence and some recognition, then you can start posting messages about your business offer, or ask for referrals from other group members.

Consider starting your own group, which allows you to directly e-mail all members, and really tailor the focus to your own needs.


Cool Tools: Twitter Sheep. Know Your Followers

March 10  |  small business resources  |   Andrew Maxwell

Hotel Marketing Strategies | Twitter Sheep

Via one of my favorite travel and hospitality blogs — Hotel Marketing Strategies — comes TwitterSheep, a new tool which allows you to see a tag cloud from the ‘bios’ of your twitter flock.

The site scours your list of followers and pulls together various keywords to describe them. It gives a very good overall picture of who is who and what they might be interested in. Plus it look cool, too.

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