WTTC Vendor Spotlight: AVW-TELAV

November 17  |  wttc vendor spotlight  |   Andrew Maxwell

AVW-TELAV Imaginaction | WTTC

Scenario #1: Imagine that you could take your audience anywhere in the world… or beyond.

Scenario #2: Imagine your message and branding appearing on wide, multi-screen displays, encompassing your audience’s peripheral vision and immersing them in your presentation.

Scenario #3: Now, imagine the possibility (and the visual impact) of the first two scenarios happening simultaneously.

AVW-TELAV makes your conference dreams a reality with ImaginAction™, a new presentation solution that combines multiple projectors and other display devices with computer and network technology. It’s a big, bold way to get your audience to sit up, take notice and walk away “wowed”.

ImaginAction™ uses multiple, widescreen displays to accentuate presentations and increase the audience retention factor. Extreme-resolution images add to the overall impact and sense of interactivity.

“Whatever you can imagine we can put into action,” says Derek Anderson, Director of Digital Services at AVW-TELAV.

AVW-TELAV Imaginaction | WTTC

ImaginAction™ can support almost every media format and synchronizes with lighting and other effects (such as fog or snow machines). Live speakers can be keyed in on screen over a back while multi-media presentations are pre-programmed and run on a timeline, so there is no chance of miscues.

For more details and a demonstration of ImaginAction™, visit http://www.avwtelav.com/imaginaction/ or contact AVW-TELAV at info@avwtelav.com or call 1.800.868.6886.

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